• elige tu bicicleta de niño

    STEP 1

    Choose the bike you want and subscribe to it.

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  • despacho a domicilio de bicicletas infantiles

    STEP 2

    Receive it at the door of your home and... Have fun!

    (Delivery from 2 to 5 business days)

  • reparación de la bicicleta para niños

    STEP 3

    Exchange your bike or ask for home repair when you need it.

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  • Bicicleta ciudad

    The perfect size

    Exchange your kid's bike as they grows up and don't worry about the unexpected purchase of a new one because it's too small for them.

  • Bicicleta niño barata

    Low monthly payment

    Forget spending big upfront costs for that awesome bike that you want so badly! Smooth out with a monthly payment for as long as you need it.

  • Sustentabilidad | economia circular


    New or used bike?

    We care about promoting the circular economy, giving bicycles the best use so they are not forgotten in a garage.

Lista de espera Woom

  • Comentarios clientes bicircular


    Customer service is great. They have empathy and that builds a lot of trust. In addition, the always close treatment makes the experience much better.

  • Comentarios clientes bicircular


    Fast delivery and fluid communication. They are willing to help at any time if there is a problem or question with the bike. My son is delighted and so am I knowing that I can count on them for any problem.

  • Comentarios clientes bicircular


    Sounds like an idea!! Super close treatment and shipping was fast! I hope this adult option comes out

Bicircular is more than a rental

Read the article they have published in La Vanguardia and you will understand what we mean.


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Frequent questions

What happens if I want to cancel my subscription to BICIRCULAR?

If for any reason you do not want to continue with your subscription, cancel in the month you want in your subscription portal, which you will have access to once you have paid your first installment. We will pick up the bicycle at your home for free if you have been subscribed for more than 6 months, or if it was less, there will be a charge of 19.99 euros for the home withdrawal. You can continue using the bike until the last day of your subscription.

My bike has been dropped, damaged, what now?

First of all, there is no problem if the bike falls over. A Bicircular bike is just a bike and sometimes they fall over. If the bike falls or something breaks, call us at 690 690 588 or contact us and we will come to you. Most damage can be repaired at home.

There are no extra costs involved.

What is the difference between a BICIRCULAR bicycle and a leasing or financial rental of a bicycle?

Bicircular works in a simple way and is cheaper than bicycles that are rented.

For a fixed monthly payment you can have a quality bicycle. If something breaks, we will fix your bike or exchange it for another. Compared to cumbersome and expensive lease contracts, Bicircular does not charge you deposits or ask for a deposit, interest or assume the cost of depreciation due to wear and tear. Plus, our subscription can be canceled on a monthly basis and our pricing is always transparent.

What condition are the second-hand bicycles in?

Each of our second-hand bicycles is washed, thoroughly cleaned and the condition and adjustment of each of its components is checked to ensure 100% operation, before returning them to their new home. In addition, we handle brands of the best quality that maintain their condition very well despite use.

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